2-hour weekly course in english
Saturday 3, 10, 17, 28 april

dalle 16:30 alle 18:30

Developing a meditation practice can be the perfect antidote to the chronic stress and anxiety that is prevalent in our everyday living. Often, it has become such a natural part of us that we don’t realize the impact until we begin to release it.

So what the heck is meditation? That’s a great question.
With numerous types of meditation, it can be confusing. Meditation can be as simple as finding one moment of inner peace, and as deep as you’re willing to go. The challenge can be in developing a meditation habit. Like a lot of things that are good for us, there is something between us and that thing, keeping us from doing it. We can run into an obstacle and never get off the ground. We can get caught up in thinking we don’t have an hour to meditate, or we don’t have the perfect place set up – when all we really need is a few minutes and someplace to sit.

This 4-part series is all about creating the Meditation Habit. A comprehensive and easy to follow program that will take you from stress to stillness in a way that develops good habits and makes you want to do it. In this 4 part Meditation Habit series you will:
• Experience simple approaches to understanding what meditation is
• Experiment with different tools and visualization to develop a deeper practice
• Develop techniques that suit your particular style
• Learn how to create meditation habits that last
• Gain a deeper connection with the self and slowly remove the obstacles between you and the self

You will also learn how to sit! The foundation of any meditation practice. I would recommend to have your Padma seat ready – the ultimate meditation tool that supports the physical body while you’re exploring the internal world. You get purchase your Padma Seat from Amazon. The seats come in S,M or L. The size you prefer will depend on how close the knees are to the floor when you sit cross leg. For questions, please email info@redyoga.it

Each week will consist of a live 2 hour session, as well as PDF’s to print out to track your practice during the week, as well as tips for success and how to overcome obstacles.

Price: 70 euro

• Download the free Zoom app. Log in ahead of time and get settled.
• Do have your Mala beads and your Padma cushion/meditation seat ready for the workshop.
• This will be an interactive workshop. You have the option to leave your camera on or off. The teacher can better assist you if it is on.
• Participants take full responsibility for their own safety.
• By enrolling in the workshop, below, you agree to Denise’s terms and conditions.


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